Installing a Black Dog Harness

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For a complex harness, it is simplistic to install. We designed it that way. In total there are 13 points to solder. Super minimal compared to others. The whole install should take about an hour. which, most of that time is be spent deconstructing and reconstructing.


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This Tutorial Will Be divided into 3 parts.

  1. Pickups
  2. Guitar Ground
  3. Switch

Pickup Install

Pickup Color Codes

For this tutorial we will be using Gibson Color Codes. Each pickup brand uses their own set of color codes. So these colors might not match your pickups. We have included this diagram showing you all the color codes for other brands.

Click any photo to enlarge it


Neck Pickup Install

"Solder your pickups Hot Wire to the Black Wire coming from your Neck Volume pot."


"Solder the pickups Series Wires to the White or Red Wire depending on your harness coming from your Neck Volume pot."


"Solder the pickups Ground Wire to the Green Wire coming from your Neck Volume pot."


"Solder the pickups Bare Wire to the back of the Neck Volume pot."

Repeat these Steps with the Bridge Pickup for the Bridge Volume Pot

Although not required we suggest taping off pickup leads after soldering to help prevent issues


Guitar Ground

Solder the Ground Wire coming from your guitars bridge to the back of any pot. With this guitar the easiest spot was the Ground used for the Bridge Pickup


4.Solder the Black cloth wire to the bottom middle lug (labeled G on switch diagram)

1. Solder the wire label N to the right lug on the switch

2.Solder the wire label B to the left lug on the switch

3.Solder the wire label O to the Top Middle lugs on the switch (See Diagram)

That's It!

Before reconstructing the guitar, you can test if the controls work by lightly tapping the pickups with a metal object.

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