GUNSTREET- A New Approach to the Guitar Wiring Market
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When it comes to music there is endless variety. But when it comes to your instruments wiring your manufacture generally gives one type. We put forth an alternative idea. Just like how you are unique on what music styles you like, your instruments sound should be just as  unique. Let us guide you in finding that perfect sound that just says you! 


Here are the 3 main wiring styles that we offer. each style has a sub wiring style like Phase and Coil Cutting


Vintage sound

50's Wiring

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"As the name implies. This is the Wiring found in Gibsons  First Generation of Electric Guitars. When people refer to the tone of the 50s, what they are really talking about is Gibsons 1959 Manufacturing Year. This one factory year inspired a Mythic Reputation in Rock’n’Roll History"



Why people love it

It's how the circuit is designed. It Is All About The Treble.  As you Roll Off the Volume less highs fade away, creating as some claim a Clear, Natural Tone.


Why people Hate it

Again, the main reason is Every Ear is Different. Some people think it makes the Guitar To Bright. Also, Some People Do not like its "Unique Taper" meaning the tone control is basically either on or off and no inbetween


found standard in new guitars

Modern Wiring

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"Modern is just the updated version found in the Current Model Les Pauls. It's Technically Not Modern. It was the Improved Version Gibson came up with in the 2nd or 3rd Generations of Les Paul's."



Why People Like it

This one is All About The Bass. The more you Roll Off The Volume the Darker, and Heavier it gets. This style also has a more Consistent Audio Taper meaning you have more control on how fast or slow you change the controls.


Why Do Some People Not Like This Style?

The most common response is it Causes the Guitar to become Muddy and Dull when Rolling Off The Volume.


hybrid of 50s and Modern

Volume bleed

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This is not a Wiring Style but instead a Performance Mod added to the Modern design to Improve the Tone. This is basically a Circuit Add-on made from Capacitors. It saves the Tone Lost to the Modern wiring.




This style gives you the highs of the 50's but the control of the modern wiring. Essentially the best of both worlds.



The most Common Complaint is it Doesn't Sound Natural. What does that mean? They say you lose the Natural Tone of the guitar. That's because the Mod Only Saves a Small Spectrum of what you would lose with the Tone Loss."