GUNSTREET- A New Approach to the Guitar Wiring Market
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Profit Transparency

Gunstreets number one goal is to create something beneficial to the guitar community. That's why all our profits go back to either improve ourselves and our quality or too educate and support the instrument community and the people who promote it!




improving ourselves

"They have the whole quality over quantity thing going on" Matt Knight Guitar Nerds

When we create anything our goal is to produce the best holistic product we can.  That's why we spend more time reading, testing and developing our business as a whole then we do building or selling harnesses.






Educating the Community

This is where we spend most of our time and resources. Whether we create something in house or we work with talented people in the community. Our goal is to help educate people so that they can either make an informed decision when working with any other wiring companies or to have all the resources they need when using our products.




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Supporting the Community

We love to work with people who help define the community and create an awesome platform for others to interact with!


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