Thank you for choosing Gunstreet. below is the instructions for a 50s Coil Cut Wiring to be installed in your Les Paul.


Switch Install

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Installing Pickups

Pickup Color Codes

For this tutorial we will be using Gibson Color Codes. Each pickup brand uses their own set of color codes. So these colors might not match your pickups. We have included this diagram showing you all the color codes for other brands. In Order to install your pickups to the this harness you need to combine the ground and Bare Wire to make the Ground. and then combine the to Series Wire to make the Series Link.

Bridge Volume: Bridge Pickup Install-Part 1

Solder the Hot Pickup wire to the First Lug on the potentiometer. Labeled 3 on diagram above If not sure which wire is hot please refer to your pickups manufacturers instructions

lpcc how to ml1pg.jpg

Bridge Volume: Bridge Pickup Install- Part 2

Solder the Series wires to the Middle Lug on the potentiometer Labeled E on Diagram Above.  If you not sure which wires are the Series please refer to your pickups manufacturers instructions

Bridge Volume: Bridge Pickup Install- Part 3

Next, Solder the pickups Ground Wires to the casing of the Volume Pot.

Repeat these steps for the Neck Volume


Grounding the Harness

Solder the Ground Wire coming from your guitar bridge to the Casing of the Tone Pot

Las Paul bridge ground.jpg

That's It!