Thank you for choosing Gunstreet. Below is the step by step instructions for your stock style Mustang harness. Please note that these instructions are best used when paired with the wiring diagram we included in your box.

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mustang diagram.jpg

Most Common Pickup Wires

cloth wire pickups.jpg

Let's Start with the Switch assembly

fender mustang switches

Pickup Install

The Front is going to be the Neck Pickup (Switch on the left in the photo above)  and the back switch will be the Bridge Pickup. The Switch assembly will involve 6 soldering joints, 2 for each pickup and 2 combining the switch with the controls


neck Pickup Install

Starting with the Neck Pickup, solder the Hot Output Wire to the open slot labeled as 3 on our diagram the right. Next, solder your pickups Ground Wire to the open slot on the right side of the switch labeled 6 in the diagram.

fender switch.jpg


Repeat these steps with the Bridge Pickup on the Bridge Switch

Mustang bridge pickup ground


next push the Long black and white wires coming from the bridge pickup Switch through to the control cavity

switch wire ground

Combining the controls

Combine the Switch and Controls by first Soldering the Black Ground Wire to the casing of the Volume Pot. Follow this by soldering the White Switch Output Wire to the first lug on the Volume pot. 

Switch hot output install

Most important Part

Solder the Ground Wire coming from your guitars bridge to the casing of the volume pot. This will ground the whole guitar stopping all buzzing when touching the bridge.

Switch Ground Wire
bridge ground wire

That's It!

You can test if the wiring is working by going through the controls while lightly tapping the pickups with a metal object. If you have any questions feel free to contact us!