Thank you for choosing Gunstreet. below is the instructions for a 50s Wiring to be installed in your explorer.


Most Common Pickup Wires

1470946942-picsay (2).png

Stage One

explorer bridge-picsay.jpg

Neck Volume Install

Solder the Hot Pickup wire to the First Lug on the potentiometer.  See diagram on the left. If not sure which wire is hot please refer to your pickups manufacturers instructions


Next, Solder the pickups Ground to the casing of the Volume Pot.

Repeat these steps for the Bridge Volume


Grounding the Harness

Solder the Ground Wire coming from your guitar bridge to the Casing of the Tone Pot

sg bridge ground .jpg

switch wire assembly-picsay.jpg
switchcraft switch.jpg

Stage Two: Switch Assembly

Solder the Wire Labeled "N" to the left switch lug.

Solder the Black Cloth Wire to the Lug named "G"on the switch.

Solder the Wire Labeled "O" to the Two top center switch lugs.

Solder the Wire Labeled "B" to the right switch lug.

that's it!