GUNSTREET- A New Approach to the Guitar Wiring Market
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we get you want to know what people say about us!

we have been producing harnesses for 4+ years now and have sold thousands upon thousands of kits. we have made such a splash in the wiring market that our goliath competitors had to mimic our style and approach.That’s right we see you **** ;) but enough of us telling you, here’s what others have said!



“I love building and upgrading guitars and basses, but I hate soldering. I’ve used harnesses from a bunch of different brands and even some other small specialty wiring shops, but nothing compares to the experience I’ve had with Gunstreet. The customer service was phenomenal. They helped me to get exactly what I wanted, even offering to make some custom changes for me. The actual harness is super high quality and wiring is clean. Let’s just say, GWS harnesses will be in all my builds from now on!” Jackson


“Top notch! These guys provide amazing service, quality parts, and a great experience every time. I’ve ordered my last 3 harnesses from GS. I won’t go anywhere else. They respond super fast to troubleshooting inquiries in addition to providing diagrams. Can’t beat GS”…..”I will never buy guitar wiring anywhere else. I contacted them with a question about a guitar I was building, and a week later, I’ve got a custom wiring package. They listen too. I told them what I was looking for and they built a sweet rig with a boost option. They also included extra ground wire with a note: “some extra ground wire because you said it was a scratch build.” They go above and beyond, and the best part is that I found a company that loves guitars as much as I do. #gunstreet4lifEJon


"I’ll be 69 years old next month. I played in garage bands (some gigs) for 20 years, then quit playing for the last 30 years. Then, I felt like playing some, but I found that my fingertips had gotten too fat to fret a string without muting the adjacent strings - didn’t help that I had no callouses too. So I decided to put a guitar together with a wider neck from Warmoth. I had modified and rewired guitars before, so I had some experience. I wanted to have more sound choices and flexibility than standard wiring. Unfortunately, with my fatter fingers, and old eyes, with some macular degeneration … complicated wiring was just too frustrating. Thank goodness for Gunstreet Wiring!" Henry


"Loving the sound my Bride of franken-squire makes with her new Gunstreet harness, alnico pickups, elixr strings and locking tuners. lipstick on a pig? I say oink!" Linda



we can keep going!

“Packaged super well and a very inviting company” orMade my guitar a tone monster! Great product, great company, thank you for all the extras and hand written thank you. Definitely recommend for a pro upgrade to any guitarorExcellent product and experience with this shop. Received order in very timely manner and they informed me of my order status!orSuch beautiful workmanship. No one else I would buy guitar wiring fromor “I See all these harnesses as little works of art.” Overkill on the quantity of reviews? Nah.

How about YouTube videos?



Here’s a video with one of our Modern Bourns Kits


Here’s a video of eric comparing all our sg kits


we asked ryan to demo our shop build guitar and he had some fun with it!


Watch Are Jay From Tele Talks Demo our 5 Way Tele kit