How to convert a 2 wire Tele Neck Pickup to a 3 wire Pickup

Neck Pickup Ground.jpg

How it Works

Sometimes when you get a Tele Neck Pickup it is only a 2 Wire Set up. What that means is the Coils finish ground (G on the Diagram Above) is grounded to the metal casing around your pickup.(Labeled M) Which if you are using common wiring styles is fine. But when you need to have a little fun, whether with setting up your pickups in Series or Parallel, or Phasing you need to have the Coil finish (G) and Metal ground (M) set up to be separate. Luckily with how these pickups are made it is super easy. In this example we are using the stock pickups found In a Squier Telecaster but beside the magnet most Tele neck pickups are built the same so this will apply to most pickups

neck tele cut.jpg

How to Mod this

This process is super simple. All you have to do is separate the Ground and Metal Casing by cutting the link that connects the 2 together and attaching a new wire to the Metal casing. Start by cutting the wire and cleaning the  flatwork between, trying to get rid of any metal that could touch something it shouldn't

tele ground cut.jpg

Tele Neck Pickup extra ground.jpg
tele neck new ground.jpg


Solder your new "Ground" wire to the metal casing. (Labeled M on the diagram above) It is always a good idea to attach a wire that is easy to spot when installing. For an example. These pickups came stock with a black and white Pvc wires, so when we attached the black cloth wire you can easily tell that it is the metal casing ground.  But that's it. Reattach the magnet if you had to remove it to gain access but once you do that your are ready to have fun!

tele neck.JPG