Features Overview

When it comes to this style of harness, you will find that they are not all created equal. Where the specs are some what similar, what you get for your money is something completely different.

B-Cts New Push Pull design

the new cts push pulls can be summed up in five words  "improved tone and improve durability."

Improved Tone

  • new high quality  P.C.B Switch base design
  • improved potentiometer base.

Improved Durability

  • Improved Switch engagement for a easier pull.
  • detachable brass shaft
  • overall improved durability for an easy repair.


A-Standard Push Pull Design

this style is considered the "working horse"  of Push Pull design. It features a "Mini sized" Potentiometer with a  Slim switch design.  Perfect for a broad use in many guitar types. Brands like Bourns, CGE and Others produce very nice examples of this design.

Switch Comparison

A-Switchcraft 3 Way

Switchcraft is the brand most trusted with high end guitars. Gibson, Prs to name a few, all use them.

B-Epiphone Standard 3 Way

This is the standard three way switch you find on current Epiphone guitars. Epiphone designed this to be a cheaper alternative to Switchcraft.


Materials Quality

Switchcraft is made with a thick, high quality metal frame, heavy duty terminals surrounded by premium vulcanized fiberboard. These components combine to create a better grounding, longer lasting switch.


Epiphone designed a switch that is durable but cost effective, they designed a switch that mirrors some of the qualities of Switchcraft but uses far cheaper bench tested materials.

  • A-Switchcraft J11

Market Standard For High End Guitars

  • High Quality Metal
  • Vulcanized Fiberboard Base
  • Advanced Nickel Plating

B-Nuean Ouptut

Found Standard in current Gibson Models

  • High Quality Metal
  • Reinforced Fiber Base
  • Chrome Plating

C-Epiphone Output Jack

Used in current Epiphones

  • Light Weight Metal
  • Plastic Base
  • Nickel Plated