How To Install Your New Coil Cutting Harness


to Engage the Coil Cutting Option all you have to do is Pull Up on the Push Pull Pot

Note* in this tutorial we will be using Gibson Pickup Color Codes to install. These codes will be different manufacture to manufacture. we have also included a diagram showing you how all the colors are configured

Prep the Pickups: Before we start we will prep the pickup wires to speed up the install.

 Starting with the Bridge PickupSolder the Black & Bare Pickup Wires Together to make the Ground. Next, Solder the White & Green Wires together to make the Series.

In the next part of instructions we will use specific terminology to reference a location on the pot. we have included a diagram showing this

Let's Install

Starting With the Bridge Side. Solder the Red Bridge Pickup Wire to the Third Lug On The Volume Pot

Solder the Green & White Pickup Wires to the E Lug On The Volume Pot


Lastly, Solder the Black & Bare Wire to the Casing of the Pot.


Repeat these Steps for the Neck Side

Finish by soldering the Ground Wire coming from the Guitars Bridge to the Casing of any Pot

For those having to install a Switch keep Reading


Solder the Wire Labeled "O" to the Middle Lug On the Switch.

Solder the Wire Labeled "N" to the Right Lug On the Switch.

Solder the Wire Labeled "B" to the Left Lug On the Switch.

Solder the Black Wire To the Back lug on the Switch