"When the switch is in treble mode and I engage the parallel there is little to no output"

This is normal feature. Parallel switching works as a mini kill switch when you are in Treble Position. To use the Parallel you either have to be in Middle or Rhythm  Position.

"There is No Output. I Can't Hear Anything"

Solution 1: Make sure pickup color codes are correct. This problem usually occurs when the humbuckers conductors are not correctly wire. 

Solution 2: Make Sure your pickup leads are not touching something that makes them "ground"

Solution 3: This occur when there is a break in either the Switch Output or the Output Jack.

1: Test Connections H2,H3

S3: Make Sure the Braided Wire is not touching the Output Jacks Output.

S3: Test the H1 Connection

"My Harness keeps buzzing/humming when the volume is at 0

S1: Because of the complex nature of this harness, it can pickup a lot of interference. Try moving the guitar around to find if it is picking up feedback from an outlet, cell phone, light bulb, or if you live next to a transformer

"My harness keeps buzzing/humming but it stops when I touch something metal n the guitar"

S1: This is usually caused by the guitar not being grounded properly. Make sure the ground wiring coming from the guitars bridge is properly grounded to the metal casing of the harnesses pot

"When I engage the Coil Cuts the Guitar Starts to Hum or Buzz"

S1: This is caused when you change the Hum cancelling Humbucker to a Single coil.  You should hear a little hum or buzzing.

S2: Make Sure the Series Link is correct. If the Series link is not wire correct it can cause the humbucker to have grounding issues when the coil cut is engaged

"Only One Side of my Switch Works"

This Occurs when there is a Break in the circuit at the Switch.

S1: If your Switch only works on the Neck Pickup, check the H4 Connection. If it only works on the Bridge. Test the H5 Connection.

S2: Test your Pickup Connections

S3: Test the H6 Connection if the problem is on the Bridge Position or the H7 Connection if it is on the Neck Position

"My pickups are 2 Conductor not 4 Conductor."

"The way this harness was designed, you have to have 4 conductors for the switching options to work. That being said, you can technically install 2 conductor pickups to this harness, as you wait to got new ones." 

S1: Solder the Black Wire to your pickups Hot. Next, Solder both the White Wire and your Pickups Ground to the back of you Pots Casing.


Can You Help Us Improve?

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