GUNSTREET- A New Approach to the Guitar Wiring Market
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We don't want to be just another wiring company



Located in Central Oregon, U.S.A

"Let us start by saying, we are not a big company or manufacturer. But instead a small workshop of craftsman. If we were asked what we wanted people to know about our company, we would want them to know we are a brand focused on  Quality and Community!  Whenever we make a product, we spend most of our time not building but instead learning, researching, and developing the product as a whole. We are also a company that grew up being immersed in the community. it's hard not being inspired to push the boundaries when you are being influenced by all the creative and talented people building or repairing guitars, making music, or, bringing something no one else has seen.

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Gunstreet Wiring Shop

Bringing a new approach

to the wiring market


about our name

The term Gunstreet comes from vintage Bend slang when referring to how the O'kane building changed an outdated western town to a modern standard of living. Just like a lot of creative people, Hugh O'kane didn't want to settle. After losing his wooden hotel to fire, Hugh had an idea that would change the face of Bend forever. "Why use inferior, outdated building practices just so i could blend in. " Hugh said to his friend M.P Cashman. "Why not bring Bend to a modern standard and bring something no one has ever seen in this small western town" He said passionately. So, with the last of his money, Hugh set out to build the most modern building anyone had ever seen in this tiny wooden town. Causing an uproar, it would take decades for the business community to match the beauty and success of Hugh's O'kane Building. Thus, creating the nickname for those there "Gunstreet" 


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