GUNSTREET- A New Approach to the Guitar Wiring Market
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We don’t want to be just another dated wiring company



Located in Central Oregon, U.S.A

We are a mirco instrument electronics company obsessed with our overall quality. All our profits go back to either improve ourselves and our quality or too educate and support the instrument community and the people who promote it!

What our customers say



Gunstreet Wiring Shop

Meet Sean the Man behind Gunstreet


Want to know more about sean and his goal with Gunstreet?

“Sean sat down with Blake from the Tonemob podcast and talked about a wide range of things from how he thinks about his products, his views on the guitar community, Les Pauls, and a whole lot more. It's a good one!“

“Sean sat down with the Guitar Knobs and talked about everything to do with guitar electronics. This episode is great if you want to learn about wiring styles, parts quality, and how important wiring is to your guitars sound!”

“Sean Arbow from Gunstreet Wiring joined in on the show this week. We discuss his background in Bend, Oregon learning to play on his older brother's guitar, to finally getting his first cheap guitar and the quest he went on to mod and eventually started building his own. From building guitars, he dived into making guitar harnesses. We talk about the role the gear community has played in him making wiring kits on the side, to the point where he went full time.“

“On episode six I talk with Sean Arbow of Gunstreet Wiring Shop.  Sean tells the story of how Gunstreet came to be and where the name came from. but most importantly his approach with Gunstreet within the guitar community.”